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Technical Secretariat Pan-European Transport Corridor X

Scientific co-ordinator: Christos TAXILTARIS, Dr. Transportation Engineer, Associate Professor
Members: Socratis BASBAS, Dr. Transportation Engineer, Lecturer
Tatiana HADJIEMMANUEL, BA, MBA, Economist
George MINTSIS, Dr Transportation Engineer, Professor

Main Page
Item 1: Studies
Short term objective:Collection and evaluation of existing studies
Action A: All participants should supply the Secretariat with the relevant studies available concerning Corridor X.
Deadline: By the end of April 2000. Duration 4 months
Action B: Presentation by the Secretariat of the conclusions of the inventory of existing studies
Deadline: By the end of August 2000. Duration 6 months
Item 2: New studies
Longer term objective:Definition of terms of references for new studies regarding criteria, methodology and other aspects
Action:Elaboration by the Secretariat of terms of references of new studies concerning Corridor X, in line with the international experience in this field. Presentation and discussion of them in a meeting of the Steering Committee, in order to be approved.
Deadline:By the end of December 2000. Duration 8 months
Item 3: Financing
Objective:Creation of the necessary environment for the involvement of the International Financial Institutions in the development of Corridor X.
Action:Gathering of information concerning the conditions under which each International Financial Institution provides financing of various studies and projects. Such information will be made available to all Participants by the Secretariat.
Deadline:By the end of November 2000. Duration 7 months
Item 4: Exchange of information
Objective:Collection of information concerning the development, use and operation of the Corridor.
Action A:It entails that information concerning the state of infrastructure, traffic flows, waiting times at borders, specific maintenance, reconstruction, rehabilitation, upgrading investment is collected by the Secretariat upon specific questionnaires which will be disseminated in due time. nformation may also comprise environmental measures, financial resources allocated/to be allocated as well as the legal framework for private participation.
Deadline:By the end of February 2001. Duration 8 months
Action B:The establishment of an information system to demonstrate to all Participants and, if agreed by the Steering Committee, to any institution or body interested in the development of the Corridor, in a systematic and all comprising manner the state of the Corridor at its various stages of development. The information system also entails the creation of a relevant GIS to delineate specific data concerning the entire Corridor on an electronic map.
Deadline:By the end of year 2000. Duration 8 months
Item 5: Technical standards and interoperability
Objective:Creation of a common set of technical standards to secure optimal interoperability of all sections of the Corridor and the various transport modes.
Action:Registration of data concerning:
  • infrastructure (electrification, gauge, road network capacity for vehicle axle loading according to community standards etc.)
  • management of infrastructure ( signalling systems etc.)
  • other (safety, environmental aspects etc.)
The Secretariat will gather this information upon specific questionnaires and will establish a relevant information system indicating all necessary interventions (what needs to be done - where to be done)
Deadline:By the end of June 2001. Duration 12 months
Item 6: Border crossing and customs co-operation - Operational aspects of transport
Objective:Optimisation of operations and procedures taking place at border crossings. Provision of improved conditions for access to the Corridor.
Action A:Consideration and exploitation of the work already done in the framework of the SECI Project Group on Trade and Transport Facilitation concerning:
  • simplification of documents required - introduction of the SAD (Community Single Administrative Document)
  • physical improvement of the infrastructure at the border stations and of the relevant equipment.
  • Training of the personnel stationed at border crossings
Consideration of the relevant project underway by the World Bank as well as of similar activities undertaken in the framework of other fora.
Deadline:By the end of August 2000. Duration 6 months
Action B:Identification of those border crossings along the Corridor requiring similar action and setting up of a specific project with a view to optimising operations in a harmonised approach. Monitoring of the effectiveness of such measures.
Deadline:By the end of year 2000. Duration 5 months
Action C:Consideration of obstacles of institutional character impeding free access to the Corridor (quotas for road transport, capacities for rail transport, provision of efficient structures for combined transport).
Special emphasis on the fiscal conditions pertaining along the Corridor taking into consideration current developments in the field. More specifically:
  • registration of the existing situation in every country concerning transport cost
  • consideration of results of relevant studies (e.g. PHARE study etc.)
  • proposal for a harmonised system reflecting the real cost of transport
The Secretariat will act upon information gathered by the Participants and will elaborate technical proposals in this respect.
Deadline:By the end of July 2001. Duration 6 months
Item 7: Framework for private participation
Objective:Co-operation with the private sector and the IFIs aiming at their active involvement in the development of the Corridor
Action:Making every effort to ensure the objective by:
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with the private sector.
  • Involving the private sector in all phases of development of the Corridor
  • Offering possibilities for commending by the private sector
  • Developing the appropriate legal and financial conditions necessary for private participation
Duration:During the entire period of the activity
Item 8: Implementation
Objective:Acquire and make available up to date information on the situation of the entire Corridor.
Action:Monitoring developments on a regular basis, keeping up to date all relevant information systems or data bases in accordance with the actions described under items 1-7 and disseminate the results achieved during the different terms to all Participants or other interested bodies.
Duration:During the entire period of the activity.
Item 9: Organization and Management
Objective:Establishment of a permanent structure in Thessaloniki to support the Steering Committee.
Action:Preparation of the agenda for the meetings of the Steering Committee. Preparation of the documents to be presented and discussed by the Steering Committee during the meetings. Preparation of the minutes during the meetings of the Steering Committee. Organization of the meetings in cooperation with the host Ministry of Transport. Responsibility for the exchange of information among the members of the Steering Committee and the contact with other groups, agencies and organizations working directly or indirectly for the promotion of the Corridor X.
Duration:During the entire period of the activity.